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MMA (Medi-Cal Administrative Activities)

Medical Administrative Activities CA Time Study (CATS) LogoEmployees of the Lassen County Office of Education are asked to please use the MAA California Time Study website called CATS. If you need assistance, please e-mail Patti Thurman or 530.251.8716. Using this website will allow you to submit your time survey on-line.

MAA_Time_Survey_Forms_-_Alternative Card IconMAA Time Survey Forms - Alternative

These are Microsoft Excel files that can be opened and saved to your computer. If you choose to use these instead of the CATS website, you will need to complete the form, print it out on paper, sign it, and turn it in.

Time_Survey_Grids_with_Dates Card IconTime Survey Grids with Dates

MAA_Sample_Narratives_and_Code_Descriptions Card IconMAA Sample Narratives and Code Descriptions

PDF files provided by our Local Educational Consortium (LEC)