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Portrait of the superintendent, Patricia Gunderson

January 3, 2022
January 2022, wow!  It seems impossible that another year has ended, and we are beginning another new one.  I want to thank our community of parents, educators, board members, and support staff for the incredible work they have done together to make it safe for our students to be educated in-person daily.
Lassen County is such a unique and wonderful place to live.  Through the COVID pandemic, the Dixie Fire, power outages, and during the holiday season, this community came together.  The local donations to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Holiday with a Hero, and many supports through our faith-based organizations touched many families in our communities.
I am sure that the new year will continue to bring additional challenges; however, with each challenge also comes opportunities - opportunities to continue to support each other, to agree to disagree, voice opinions and ideas in a respectful manner, and most of all to keep our students in the forefront of every decision that we make.
On behalf of the staff at the Lassen County Office of Education, I want to wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy new year.
Patty Gunderson
County Superintendent of Schools

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