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Internet Safety

Protecting_Our_Children_Online Card IconProtecting Our Children Online

Department of Justice SealWe employ two programs to educate students, staff, parents and our community about internet safety.  The Lassen Online Safety Training (LOST) program in conjunction with the assistance of the FBI is designed to help teachers, parents and students develop good habits while surfing the internet.
SAFE Logo with stick manAll of our schools in Lassen County have a subscription to iSafe Gold.  This program offers a unique approach to internet safety training , with 281 lessons and easy to use videos, lesson plans, power point presentations, webcasts and teacher resource newsletters.
photo of 3 children looking at a computer screenNever give out any of the following information online (other than to a banking type institution): Full Name, Address, City, Account Numbers, Mother's Maiden Name or Social Security Number. Legitimate institutions will never ask you for your password, so never give it out and if they insist they need it, ask them to reset it.

Videos_&_Links Card IconVideos & Links

Below are some videos and links that will help you learn more about what you can do to protect yourself online. You can save the videos by right clicking on them and choosing save file.

Web_Monitoring Card IconWeb Monitoring

Below is a list of the best personal web monitoring/filtering solutions available. Installing this type of software on your computer will prevent access to the majority of websites that you don't want visited on your computer. Remember, there is no substitute for direct supervision and there is no solution that will block 100% of all bad websites, short of pulling the plug on the computer.