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Lassen County and The Civil War

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In 1861 to 1865, our country was involved in a bloody civil war. This war was fought mostly in the east, but it affected the all of the country. Many people in Lassen County fought in the Civil War or had relatives that did. Both of Isaac Roop's sons served in the Civil War. John served as an aid to General Grant during the Civil War in the Seventh Iowa Infantry. Isaiah served with the Twenty-third Ohio Infantry. He was wounded in the battle at South Mountain and later died of small pox while still in the army.

On July 20, 1864 a meeting elected officers to organize a volunteer cavalry company know as the Honey Lake Rangers. This organization later served with the California National Guard.

Map_of_the_United_States_During_the_Civil_War Card IconMap of the United States During the Civil War

Light blue = the Union
Dark blue = the states considered the Slave States
Gray = states of the Confederacy
White = US Territories
outline map of the United States
Information presented on this page was researched and contributed by:

Holly Azevado
Marilyn Chapman
Heather Cluck