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Superintendent's Message

Portrait of the superintendent, Patricia Gunderson

Welcome Back to School!
It's that time of year to welcome all of our students and staff back to school.  We are looking for a year filled with positive attitudes, personal accomplishments, and days filled with excitement, wonderment, and learning.
"Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." John C Maxwell 
Patty Gunderson
County Superintendent of Schools

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I Choose My Future 

Rocky Herron, a former DEA agent, visited Lassen County to discuss the importance of Choosing Our Future and the dangers of drug use. Did you miss Rocky Herron? Or want more information? Check out these links:
San Diego County Office of Education, I Choose My Future Video Series 
Rocky Herron Doing This Once Can Change Your Brain 

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LCOE professional development team logo This form is open to requests from Lassen County educators for specific, non-crisis situations to provide professional growth and development. Click the button above to submit a request. 

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