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Lassen County Local Planning Council - Early Learning Club

A colorful flyer for the “Lassen County Early Learning Club” targeting children ages 3-7 years old. The flyer features various elements such as a notebook with a spiral binding at the top right corner, indicating that the child will receive one activity kit each month covering literacy, art, science, and math. There are icons representing these subjects: a book for literacy, paint palette for art, beaker for science, and an abacus for math. The left side of the flyer highlights benefits like building a love of learning, stimulating imagination and creativity, and developing oral language and vocabulary. A QR code is present on the bottom left corner next to a URL that reads “bit.ly/LCPCearlylearning”. On the bottom right corner is contact information for Lassen County Office of Education with phone numbers provided. The central message is to register your child today.

Register your child today: 🔗bit.ly/LPCearlylearning

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